what are we?

to hell with subtlety

it bores us

tunnel under things, make things, liberate things, survive

we are ugly

we occupy the basement

(where we make shit,

and refuse to be immaterial labor)

tunnels must be dug

 long-live insect-bolshevism

(but have you ever heard of insect politics?)


THEMM! is the collective name for three intergenerational artists –Agata Craftlove, Karl Lorac, and TJ (topjesus)– their hand-crafted sculpture (Lorac), artist books (TJ), photomontage, graphic novels and experimental thrash songs (Craftlove) have appeared in exhibitions at Momenta Arts, Queens Museum of Art, The Cooper Union Art Gallery, and the Pori Museum of Contemporary Art in Finland, as well as featured in the journal WITNAS number 7, May 2012, and Shifter 21, 2014. They describe their collective as the ink squirted by a fearful or clever squid to confuse predators with a false target.